Foreign Military Records

British Military Records

Edward Cornwallis

October 2, 1749, King George II, British, a military career officer, and appointed military governor Edward Cornwallis of trading posts in Mi’kma’ki, Turtle Island, issued a proclamation to emigrants living and working in Mi’kma’ki, Turtle Island, “10 guineas for every Mi’kmaq man; woman and child’s scalp and later raised the amount to 50 pounds per scalp”.

King George II, Great Britain

On July 28, 1755, King George II, of Great Britain, ordered his military stationed in Mi’kma’ki, Turtle Island, to remove people who would not swear allegiance to him, from Mi’kma’ki, Turtle Island.

Mi’kmaq children and grand-children, descendants of Mi’kmaq men who had just signed a series of peace and friendship treaties with King George’s military were forcibly put aboard ships and removed from Mi’kma’ki, Turtle Island. Some of whom died at sea and in foreign lands.

Charles Lawrence

In 1756, King George II, of Great Britain’s’ Brigadier General, Charles Lawrence, issued a bounty for the scalps of the men, women, and children of the Mi’kmaq Tribe.

Farms Seized from Mi’kmaq Tribal Members


In 1760, King George II, ordered his military to seize all land tenures in Mi’kma’ki, Turtle Island.

Several Mi’kmaq lost their farms resulting in the removal of Mi’kmaq names from the land tenure system in Mi’kma’ki, Turtle Island. A land tenure is a tenancy, an occupancy of a residence which in this case was a tenancy in Mi’kma’ki, Turtle Island.

The King later gave the same land tenures as land grants to his subjects who had fled the newly created United States of America because they no longer were under British rule.