Genealogical Racism

The genealogy of people of Turtle Island ancestry is questioned by the media resulting in loss of reputation for some people who may be of Turtle Island ancestry.  There are many people of Turtle Island ancestry whose genealogy does not match existing government records. 

Why are there so many people of Turtle Island ancestry who are unable to confirm their family, clan, and tribe of origin?  The genocide of the genealogy of the tribes of Turtle Island is very real!

Intermarriage between peoples foreign to Turtle Island and the tribes of Turtle Island occurred for two hundred and seventy years prior to the creation of the British Indian Act in 1876.  

Sooner or later an individual’s reputation that is being ruined by claims that they are not of Turtle Island ancestry will challenge the claim in court for defamation of character and libel against the accusing and publishing parties based on the individual’s DNA.

Genetic genealogy, and foreign records make it possible to trace any family lineage to its origin in Turtle Island.  Admixture DNA is recent making it possible to trace a foreign family lineage in Turtle Island to its origin, emigration, settlement, and history in Turtle Island. There exists no man or woman with a European yDNA or mtDNA haplogroup that is a female or male founder of a Turtle Island lineage (clan) in a Turtle Island Tribe.

People who are of Turtle Island ancestry experience genealogical racism in many ways.  There is no such thing as “Indian Blood”. The people of Turtle Island ancestry are homo sapiens. The blood types of homos sapiens are A+, A-, B+, B-, O+, O-, AB+ and AB. There is no such thing as half, quarter are any other amounts of “Indian blood”.

The projection of the myth (the country wife) that European men married women of Turtle Island ancestry because there were no “white” women available. The genealogy of the Mi’kmaq Tribe Families tree shows the country wife myth to be based on myth and not on genealogical records of marriages between Europeans and people of Turtle Island ancestry.

The language on many genealogy site family trees is racist, words like Indian, squaw, country wife, half breed, and buck, are racist and debasing and yet continue to be used by many individuals today as acceptable language.


Systemic racism sets the stage for other types of racism.  While researching an inter-tribal kinship relationship to the Mi’kmaq Tribe Families’ tree I came across this tree:  Josephte (Cree) Lagimodiere (abt. 1785)


My comments about this type of conjecture and debasement of Josephette, of the Nehiyawak (Cree) Tribe, Turtle Island as follows:

The genealogist has not provided a marriage record, is not a member of the Nehiyawak Tribe and has no idea of Josephette’s Nehiyawak name. Where does the name “Little Weasel” come from? What ever gave the writer of these genealogical notes the idea that Josephette would not be accepting of her husband having a second wife? You assume Josephette can not speak English or French, and the writer is unaware of the Turtle Island languages that Josephette spoke.

Nehiyawak Tribal members spoke the Algonquin language and were able to converse with different Turtle Island Tribes. Turtle Islanders spoke more than one Turtle Island language and often the languages of the European people with which they had intermarried. The use of the word “Squaw” which is a racial and sexual slur used to describe a woman or girl of Turtle Island ancestry. Does this mean the writer does not know how to say “a Nehiyawk (Cree) woman?

There is no death date listed for Josephette, yet the writer of the genealogical notes has built a myth of jealously and ignorance, when in fact Josephette may have died prior to her husband’s second marriage to Marie Anne Gaboury.

Josephette and Jean-Baptiste Lagimodiere have three daughters. No baptism records and/or the place of birth provided for the births of Josephette and Jean-Baptiste’s daughters. The writer accuses Josette of murderous intentions and describes “Canadians” as thinking of the people of Turtle Island as “heathens creating potions to bewitch and harm.”  First, the colonial government of Canada did not exist in 1806 and who is the writer of the genealogical notes on this family tree to speak on behalf of “all colonists and peoples foreign to Turtle Island”.

Secondly, the writer of the genealogical notes on the family tree takes it upon their self to know the mind of Jean Baptiste and his feelings towards Josephette and his three daughters born of his first marriage. What give this writer of the genealogical notes on this family tree to write racist and debasing information about Josephette and her marriage to Jean-Baptiste that is not based on facts and supported by documentation?

What gives the writer the right to hurt Josephette’s descendants in this way? In the future will Josephette’s descendants decide to file a Canada Constitution Act, Charter of Human Rights violation against the website and the writer of these types of racist and debasing comments on the genealogy of the people and the families of Turtle Island ancestry?