Genealogy Projects

genealogy projects

Genealogy projects can be created using technology to create an on-line tribal families’ tree, a discussion group and an on-line DNA project.  A non profit society can be created for administering a Turtle Island Tribes’ genealogy

Create a Tribal Families’ Tree

Creating a Tribal tree of the descendants, families and clans of a tribe prevents the extinguishment and genocide of the tribes of Turtle Island.  Technology makes it possible for a tribe to create a tribal families’ tree that is private and confidential.  Only tribal members can have member access to the tree.  Creating an environment where the descendants of a tribe can work together to document individual, clan and tribal genealogy and history!

Tribal Pages is a great website for creating a tribal tree.  Features allow for control over the access to the tree.  The administrator of the tree can control the privacy settings on the tree as to what is displayed on the internet and the member and guest access to the tribal tree.

You can create a tribal tree that is private and allows for the tribe to enter the genealogical information as it occurred in real time and place.  The family lineage feature displayed by an associated color for the lineage is a very useful tool for tracking clan lineages in the tribal tree.

The ability to upload photographs, documents and write in the notes field of a person’s profile on the tree allows the tribe to track individual and tribal history that is of significance to the tribe.  Individuals can request access to the site from the web which generates an email to the administrator of the tree for the request for member access.

There is a free version and a yearly paid for version each with its own benefits.  The deluxe version is about $49.00 a year and is ad free.  The deluxe version provides for more space for photographs, documents and provides more tracking colors for clan lines.

Example of a tribal families’ tree:  Mi’kmaq Tribe Families’ Tree

Template email for member access request to a tribal tree:  Email Response for Tribal Tree Member Access

Create a Tribal DNA Project

The DNA results of people of Turtle Island ancestry will map out the discovery and settlement of Turtle Island tribes over thousands of years to present.  A tribal DNA project confirms the history of a tribe and its relationship to Turtle Island while preventing the genocide of a tribe.  A tribal DNA project helps to identity missing women, children, and men of Turtle Island from unmarked graves and unidentified remains to their family and tribe of origin.

DNA testing can be managed by a Turtle Island tribe in coordination with other members of the tribe and other Turtle Island tribes in privacy and without outside interference.  A DNA project administer has control over who has access to the DNA project.  DNA testing confirms one’s genetic matches to one’s family, clan, and tribe, including kinship relationships to other Turtle Island tribes and admixture lineages.

An admixture lineage is a DNA haplogroup lineage that does not originate in Turtle Island.   A person of Turtle Island ancestry with admixture DNA has an autosomal genetic relationship to an ancestor with a Turtle Island YDNA or MTDNA haplogroup.

Any individual referred to as a Metis is a descendant of a Turtle Island tribe based on their kinship relationship to their clan and tribe.  There is no Turtle Island Metis MTDNA or YDNA haplogroups or Metis Tribe.


FamilyTreeDNA is a great DNA testing company for a tribal DNA project.  Individuals can test their DNA and are provided with a dashboard where they can view their DNA matches and join or start a DNA project.  Individuals have control over the privacy of their DNA results.

Creating a tribal DNA project on Family Tree DNA supports the development of a tribal tree by breaking down brick walls.  A brick wall in genealogy can be natural, created by nature, or man-made, created by legislation.  The genealogy of a tribe since colonization has brick walls to overcome.

FamilyTreeDNA allows people who have tested with other companies to upload their DNA for free which is a benefit to a DNA project.  The project administrator has control over the privacy settings and what information about the project can be viewed online by the public.

The project site has an about page, section for links, a discussion blog, and DNA results by kit number of the participants in the project.  There is a donations link on the page where people can donate to the project.  Donations are best used to fund DNA testing to break down the brick walls to the genealogy of a tribe.

Example of a tribal DNA project:   Chegau Mi’kmaq Families’ DNA Project

Create a Non Profit Society

A not for profit (non profit) society is an independent democratic society with its own constitution and by-laws.  A non profit society must have a defined purpose.  A non profit for this purpose is to preserve the genealogy and history of a Turtle Island Tribe.

There is also not-for-profit corporations that are incorporated at a federal level that allows an organization to become a registered charity.