L’nu, Mi’kmaq Tribe


  • Kespukwitk, (Land Ends)
  • Sipekne’katik, (Wild Potato)
  • Eskikewa’kik, (Skin Dressers)
  • Unama’kik (Foggy Land)
  • Epekwitk (Lying in the Water)
  • Aqq Piktuk, (Explosive Place)
  • Siknikt (Drainage Place )
  • Kespek. (Last Land)

Today, called Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Gaspe of Quebec, and part of the State of Maine.

The L’nu, Mi’kmaq Tribe is governed by the Sante Mawiomi (Mi’kmawey Mawio’mi) called the Grand Council which includes a Keptinag (Chief of each territory), the Elders of each territory, the Women’s Council of each territory, the putús and the Sachem (Grand Chief).  The Sachem represents the L’nu, Mi’kmaq Tribe with other Tribes and Nations and the Putús is the representative for the Wampum and Treaties for the L’nu, Mi’kmaq Tribe. 

Sachem Anli-Maopeltoog met with Jacque Cartier and his crew in 1534 during one of Jacques Cartier’s visits to the East Coast of Turtle Island.  The L’nu, Mi’kmaq Tribe are one of the first tribes to have welcomed visitors from other Nations. 

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