Mi’kmaq DNA Haplogroups

Mi’kmaq DNA Haplogroups

DNA testing has disproved Mi’kmaq ancestry and DNA has proven Mi’kmaq ancestry.  DNA testing determined the MTDNA haplogroup of Edmee and Catherine Lejeune to be U6A7a1 which is a MTDNA haplogroup that originated in the Iberian Peninsula, proving that both women are not of Mi’kmaq ancestry. MTDNA U6a7a1 is found in France, Italy and Mauritania with U6a7a1a found among the Acadians and U6a7a1b found among Sephardic Jews

L’nu, Mi’kmaq Ancestors

MathildeJean Vincent d’Abbadie de Saint CastinA
Cecile JosephEtienne Rivet and Martin Corporon A2f1a
Marie AuboisJean Roy dit LaliberteA2-C64T
Edmee JosephCharles Chauvet dit LeGerneA2f1a
Anne Maire Pinet and Rene RimbaultA2f1a
Marie ThereseClade PetitpasB2c
Marguerite CaplanFrancois LarouqueC1c
Marie Louise CaplanFrancois Hyard and Claude LaLondeC1c
Jeanne HenryJean GaudetX2a2
Unknown NamePhillipe Mius d’EntremontX2a2
Germain DoucetMarie Marguerite LandryC-P39
Ozite LavandierA
Marie PetitpasA
Unknown GirardA
Marguerite BrothertonA2
Marie Corporon A2f1a
Mary JordanB2
Madeleine CaplanC1c
Catherine CaplanC1c
Susan BakerX
Flora BourdelouX2a2

Inter-Tribal DNA

CutonicusHaida Woman A2-G16129A1
Me Cheet e neuh Menominee Woman A2-G153A1
Charlotte Mistkus dit CardinalA